About MIS Security

MIS Security is a technology innovation company that provides groundbreaking, physical threat detection and assessment solutions for securing public and private spaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

Founded in 2018, MIS Security delivers leading edge sensor technology that can intelligently alleviate the risk of attacks. Located in Tallahassee, FL, MIS Security has been granted 13 patents for this revolutionary technology.

With a low cost per scan and a non-invasive threat detection method, MIS Security has been the choice for deployment at transportation stations, sporting events, entertainment venues, government agencies, and more.


2006: Broadband Discovery Systems, Inc. is founded

2016: Broadband Discovery Systems announces launch of RONIN®

2018: Investors formed a new company, MIS Security LLC, and acquired all of the assets of Broadband Discovery Systems.   

MIS Security Investors:
Mainline Horizons, LLC
Summit Holdings V, LLC
Broadband Discovery Systems, Inc.


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