An Intelligent Threat Detection System

Detect Threats. Protect People.

Traditional metal detector technology is no longer adequate in today’s dangerous world.

Using our award-winning, patented technology, the RONIN™ Intelligent Threat Detection System streamlines the screening process to maintain optimum pedestrian flow.

Our patented technology provides a reliable, effective, state of the art solution enhancing safety and security where people gather including: schools, houses of worship, hospitals, political events, offices, sporting and entertainment venues, and transportation centers.

RONIN™ is an intelligent threat detection system that accelerates security screening and locates threats, while aesthetically blending into your environment. With RONIN™ advanced sensor and signal processing technology, visitors can quickly enter your venue through streamlined gateways, free from bottlenecks created by traditional metal detector systems.

The RONIN™ Difference

  • Screen up to 1,000 visitors per hour per gate – frictionless & efficient
  • Multiple gates provide for virtually limitless visitor flow
  • Simultaneous remote monitoring of multiple gates
  • Tracks/monitors visitor flow (attendance analytics)
  • Location detection to quickly identify threats
  • Low profile, discrete design, fits into a layered security protocol
  • Integrated analytics dashboard
  • Live video feed
  • Proprietary and patented magnetic sensor technology
  • Permanent or portable installation with high degree of durability
  • Capable of custom, covert installation
  • Subscription-based model includes product, maintenance, new software releases, and support

RONIN™ is a huge asset to increased physical security at Entry Control Points (ECPs), being very efficient, easy to operate and most importantly, effective in catching contraband.

Intelligent Threat Detection System


RONIN™ is an Intelligent Threat Detection System with real-time throughput up to 1,000 visitors per hour per gate.

With RONIN™’s low entry price point, operational efficiency, and browser-based software, deployment is fast and easy and your perimeter defense is always at the forefront of today’s security demands.

The platform is easily managed with the RONIN™ Integrated Dashboard and its remote operation capabilities. RONIN™ fits in a layered security protocol.

Threat Item Discovery

Way beyond a Metal Detector.

Metal detectors are one-dimensional – they find metal, or they don’t. RONIN™ can be tuned to detect and locate items like a knife or a gun, and ignore non-threatening objects such as keys or a watch.

About Us

Founded in 2018, MIS Security is a threat detection solution provider headquartered in Tallahassee, FL. We architect and deliver state of the art unparalleled weapons detection for businesses across the United States.

MIS Security has been granted 15 patents, with 3 pending, for the innovative technology deployed in the RONIN™ Intelligent Threat Detection System.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.

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