World’s First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

The RONIN® Threat Detection Platform is an intelligent scanning system offering

  • walk through, passive scanning
  • covert installation
  • threat analytics platform
  • software dashboard
  • location specific threat detection
  • low operational costs
  • high-volume visitor throughput

Non-invasive, passive scanning automatically pinpoints the location of a weapon or threat item on the visitor, even when in a group.

Data driven, software-based alerts provide assessment and classification of detected threats, and can be sent over the cloud to smart phone, tablet, or desktop.

Going beyond detection of physical material weapons such as guns and knives, RONIN® also supports multi-sensor fusion and assessments from sensor types such as seismic, acoustic, RF, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical detectors, biometrics and more.

RONIN® is a huge asset to increased physical security at Entry Control Points (ECPs), being very efficient, easy to operate and most importantly, effective in catching contraband.


Threat Item Discovery

Way beyond a Metal Detector.

Metal detectors are one-dimensional – they find metal or they don’t. RONIN® can identify the unique signature of items like a gun or a knife, and ignore non-threatening objects such as keys or a watch.

No need to have every person empty their pockets; no need to place handbags and briefcases on scanner belts, significantly slowing up entry. With RONIN®, people just walk in. No delays, no personal intrusion.

Automatic Threat Detection

RONIN® can automatically find threat objects on a person anywhere on their body. Unlike airport security systems, there is no need to stand in place and lift your arms to be scanned. Through normal walking through an entry way, RONIN® will detect the threat object and display the alerting condition on security viewing consoles.

Hidden Installations

Secure your space while keeping the aesthetics pleasing with RONIN® covert installations. RONIN® can be installed in walls, columns, doorframes, pole fixtures, and even external concrete pillars, keeping the entry warm and inviting. RONIN® can also be installed to work within existing security infrastructure.


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