The Importance of Covert Physical Security Screening

Any type of physical security deployment should consist of both covert and overt components. This is especially true when securing entry control points (ECP) that face increased incidents of gun, knife and explosive attacks across the world. Recent incidents of lone wolf shooters demonstrate that little to no planning was involved in the attack and that the assailant went through no entry screening processes.

The purpose of overt physical screening is to provide a visual deterrence and to detect threats with the ultimate goal of stopping, or at least delaying, further progression of the attack. Attackers have the advantage when dealing with just overt security as they have the element of surprise. Security staff are then placed in a reactionary stance dealing with the shock and awe of immediate violence.

Covert Security Provides Element of Surprise While Maintaining Operational Efficiency

The primary benefit of covert security is to provide passive and early warning of threats to security staff. Data from all security devices is aggregated over an IP based network giving command and control a real time big picture feed on activity. This enables security staff to coordinate and execute a response to a potential attacker before the attack occurs. This provides the element of surprise to the plain clothes security responder which effectively flips the script on the attacker.

Public buildings such as a museum or night clubs have secondary points of entrance often used by contracted staff such as caterers. Assuming the role of such a staff member is a vector used by surprise attackers. Covert screening at these entry points guards against the insider threat while maintaining operational efficiency of the work performed by staff going though these entrances.

RONIN® Market First Covert Physical Security Screening with Intelligent Alerts

RONIN® offers covert physical security screening capable of installing within walls, door frames, pillars, or other types of infrastructure. Threat objects such as guns, knives, or explosive devices are precisely and automatically located on the body. Scanning is passive and emits no radiation, x-rays, or other intrusive techniques. Intelligent alerts produced by RONIN® are made available over standard IP based Ethernet protocols for integration with command and control.

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