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RONIN® Worlds First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

MIS Security Announces Launch of World’s First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

Military-Grade Weapons and Threat Detection Now Available for the Commercial Market in Virtually Unlimited Range of Applications for the Domestic and International Sectors

Scotts Valley, CA – September 26, 2016 – MIS Security CEO/President Cory Stephanson announced today the launch of RONIN®, the World’s First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform.

The RONIN® Threat Detection Platform creates a physical security gate that spatially locates ferromagnetic items of interest such as guns, knives, shrapnel, or physical storage media on people as they pass through it. Alerts provide assessment with classification information about the detected event overlaid on real time video and are pushed to smart phone, tablet, and desktop systems over the cloud. The system is powered by combing proprietary technology developed by MIS Security including sensors and signal processing algorithms. RONIN® supports multi-sensor fusion and assessments from sensor types such as seismic, acoustic, RF, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical sniffers, biometrics and more.

“MIS Security is proud to bring its patented revolutionary sensor technology to the commercial market after being tested, validated and used by the U.S. Military. RONIN® is a remarkable asset to increased physical security providing an effective solution to help catch contraband at entry control points,” said MIS Security CEO/President Cory Stephanson.

RONIN® differs significantly from traditional, one-dimensional metal detectors whose technology is based solely on the principle of either detecting metal or not. Instead, RONIN® is a platform that provides multiple dimensions of real-time forensic data through an intelligent alert system based on clear and accurate threat assessment intel. This threat assessment intel can be fully integrated with local police and/or on-site security to keep them automatically informed the moment a weapon or threat is detected.

RONIN®’s applications in the commercial markets are virtually unlimited, including Checkpoint Security at airports and pedestrian gates, Counter Explosives at entry control points, public gatherings and mass transit systems, Physical Intellectual Property Prevention, Maritime Domain Security and Perimeter Protection at schools, power plants, water reservoirs and commercial buildings.

“We built RONIN® because we saw outdated and individual perimeter defense devices repeatedly fail to meet the needs of today’s security demands that force organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between security and operational efficiency. Unfortunately, terrorism and school and workplace violence is the new norm. RONIN® is very easy to use, has a lower cost per scan, and can be fully integrated with existing security and technology assets,” said Stephanson.


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