Introducing RONIN®:

The Worlds First Intelligent Threat Detection Platform

We have seen perimeter defense and threat detection solutions repeatedly fail to meet the needs of today’s security demands that force organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between security and operational efficiency. In order to keep up with this constantly evolving security landscape, technology needs to be smarter and more flexible.

So we built RONIN®, a security platform that protects your venue and ensures a smooth experience for your patrons. It covertly secures every access point around a perimeter and we made it incredibly easy to integrate with legacy systems.

RONIN® is a Significant Step Forward

The RONIN® Threat Detection Platform is an easy to operate smart walk through metal detector offering a threat analytics platform, software dashboard, location specific threat detection, reduced operational costs and unmatched patron throughput. Proprietary sensors and signal processing algorithms create the most cutting edge threat detection system available on the market today. Non-invasive passive scanning automatically pinpoints the location of a threat item on the patron’s front side, backside, bag or cavity; even when in a group. Compared to traditional metal detection solutions RONIN® has up to three times greater throughput rates at an unmatched cost per scan. Data driven software based alerts provide assessment and classification intel of detected threat event and can be pushed over the cloud to smart phone, tablet, or desktop. RONIN® also supports multi-sensor fusion and assessments from sensor types such as seismic, acoustic, RF, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical sniffers, biometrics and more.

RONIN® Dashboard

The RONIN® Dashboard is a simple to use software interface that provides threat analytics. Displayed alerts visualize the specific location of a threat on a patron’s front side, backside, pocket, bag or cavity even within a group. The dashboard creates operational flexibility as it can be setup locally to a RONIN® deployment or integrated with remote command and control infrastructure. Configuration settings and maintenance routines enable staff to setup and maintain RONIN® system health. Updates to the dashboard are provided over the cloud.

Intelligent Alerts

Threat analytics intel containing location specific item discovery, threat assessment data and full logging for forensic use. Alerts include real time imagery and direction of travel of the patron as they move through the RONIN® gate. A red box is superimposed over the photo to indicate the exact location of the detected threat item. Alerts are data driven and can be integrated with 3rd party software applications over XML.

RONIN® Signal Processing Algorithms

Telemetry data gathered from the RONIN® sensor network is synthesized into threat analytics by proprietary signal processing algorithms. Location specific threat detection is probabilistic and determined by collected sensor data. Data is interpolated in software to generate intelligent alerts.

RONIN® Sensors

Magnetic sensors passively monitor disturbances in the local electromagnetic field created by items containing traceable amount of ferromagnetic metal materials. The sensors are very sensitive and are able to pick up very small signals such as those found in a USB portable storage media or pocket change. Pulse induction sensors are able to detect the presence of nonferrous metal material. Tripwire sensors detects physical presence of a patron as they move through the gate.


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